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Bowhill Recycling & Restoration facility

At Bowhill Recycling & Restoration Facility, construction and demolition wastes are crushed, screened and graded to produce high quality recycled aggregates.

Since 1999, the organisation has been in the forefront of efforts to maximise the reuse of waste materials where appropriate in construction projects.  For The Purvis Group and its local employees there is a sense of satisfaction that a former hub of energy and economic creation in Fife has been restored with a 21st century update – from colliery to recycling.
Our extensive range of crushing and screening equipment enables us to supply and deliver recycled materials to a wide range of customers.

In addition to providing top quality certificated recycled aggregates, we offer virgin materials that can be uplifted at the same time as waste material is brought to the site. This reduces lorry movement between sites and is both cost effective and energy efficient.

The site operates a SEPA registered Reed Bed System capable of processing road gully waste and other liquid based wastes subject to contamination guidelines.

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