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Stuarts Concrete Flooring

Stuarts Concrete Flooring

About us

Stuarts Concrete Flooring has over 40 years experience in the concrete flooring sector. Our installation team are highly skilled in casting in-situ concrete floors, concrete screeds, in-situ upper floors, external hardstandings all to exceptional quality and speed. Quite simply, we work to your timescales and requirements.
We can provide advice on your internal concrete flooring needs from a domestic garage floor installation to specialist high bay warehouse, metal deck upper floors, screed applications, concrete apron slabs and heavy duty pavements.
Our clients include major construction companies, quantity surveyors, agricultural construction companies – and many more. We are active in sectors that range from retail to utilities, and from farming to the whisky industry. As part of the Purvis Group we bring with us the strength of a full all-services construction company, including the ability to minimise the disposal of concrete by re-using it in construction products.

Quality from the ground up

The quality of a building begins in its foundations and flooring: this is where our expertise comes into its own. We use techniques developed over our 70 years of experience, and we are always evolving too. Stuarts Concrete Flooring is a member of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS).

Always looking for better ways

At Stuarts Concrete Flooring we always ask if there is a better way of doing things and work with our clients to find it. We do not just work with what is a ‘given’. So, for example, in a large building that needed over 70 bases for the support structure, we cast the floor first and cut out the recesses afterwards. This type of innovative thinking ensured total accuracy, getting the floor completely level.

Our Services

• Specialist Concrete Flooring Contractors
• External Concrete Paving Contractors
• In-situ concrete Floors to Metal Decks/Upper Floors
• In-situ concrete Topping Screeds